About us

The Health Information and Quality Authority is the independent Authority established in May 2007 to drive continuous improvement in Ireland’s health and social care services.

Reporting directly to the Minister for Health, our role is to promote quality and safety in the provision of health and personal social services for the benefit of the health and welfare of the public. Find out more about how we do this or read our Information leaflet.

As an independent organisation, the Authority is committed to an open and transparent relationship with its stakeholders. Our independence within the health system is key and central to us being successful in undertaking our functions.

Our mandate extends across the quality and safety of the public, private (within our social care function) and voluntary sectors. It also has statutory responsibility for:

Setting Standards for Health and Social Services – Developing the quality and safety standards, based on evidence and best international practice, for health and social care services in Ireland (except mental health services).

Monitoring Healthcare Quality – Monitoring standards of quality and safety in our health services and investigating as necessary serious concerns about the health and welfare of service users.

Health Technology Assessment – Ensuring the best outcome for the service user by evaluating the clinical and economic effectiveness of drugs, equipment, diagnostic techniques and health promotion activities.

Health Information – Advising on the collection and sharing of information across the services, evaluating information and publishing information about the delivery and performance of Ireland’s health and social care services.

Social Services Inspectorate – Registration and inspection of residential homes for children, older people and people with disabilities where applicable. Monitoring day- and pre-school facilities and children’s detention centres and inspecting foster care services. During 2009, the Authority continued to maintain its momentum in undertaking its core functions and also commenced a new statutory function. From 1 July 2009, the Authority assumed responsibility for the registration and inspection of all residential care services for older people. For the first time, centres run by the Health Service Executive (HSE), as well as private and voluntary nursing homes, were subject to independent registration and inspection.

In undertaking our functions, the Authority is committed to working closely with a diverse group of people including those using health and social services, their carers, health and social care professionals, public, private and voluntary providers, Department of Health and Children and other key stakeholders nationally and internationally. In the Authority we fundamentally believe that if we are not making a positive difference on the lives of people using these services then we are not achieving our objectives.

Our Legal Mandate

The Health Information and Quality Authority derives its mandate from, and undertakes its functions pursuant to, the Health Act 2007 and other relevant legislation (the Child Care Act, 1991 and the Children Act, 2001).

Mission Statement and Core Values

The vision, mission and values of the Authority can be described as the beliefs of the organisation, which in turn inform the selection of activities and the approach we adopt to implement them. In essence, it can be described as the “personality” of the organisation.

Our vision

Our vision is for better health and social care for all, underpinned by standards and decisions that improve the safety and quality of health and social care services.

Our mission

The mission of the Authority is derived from the statutory functions described in the Health Act 2007 and can be summarised as: “Drive high quality and safe care for people using our health and social services.”

Our values

Core values of the Authority: Putting people first; Fair and Objective; Open and Accountable; Excellence and Innovation; Working Together

Putting people first – we will put the needs and the voices of service users, and those providing them, at the centre of all of our work.

Fair and objective – we will be fair and objective in our dealings with people and organisations, and undertake our work without fear or favour.

Open and accountable – we will share information about the nature and outcomes of our work, and accept full responsibility for our actions.

Excellence and innovation – we will strive for excellence in our work, and seek continuous improvement through self-evaluation and innovation.

Working together – we will engage with people providing and people using the services in developing all aspects of our work

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