We believe that everyone has a role in driving safer better care, so in carrying out our work we want to hear from all our stakeholders, the general public, patients, service users, service providers, and those working in the health and social care sectors as to how we can improve services for all.

We recognise that it is only through consulting with all those who have an interest in or are concerned about health and social care services, that we can achieve our aims of improving Ireland’s health and social care services.

Through our consultations we seek to achieve an accurate understanding of what is important to people and ensure that all our stakeholders are clear on our role, the work we do and the real impact it has on people’s lives.

By adopting an inclusive approach, and consulting in the most appropriate way, we can:

  • work more effectively to meet the needs of our stakeholders
  • drive safety in health and social care
  • achieve our organisational objectives towards safer, better, care

Our consultation programmes are designed to make it as easy as possible for people to give us their views and collaborate with us. For example, we produce draft standards for consultation, so anyone who has an interest in them can give their views - whether online, pen and paper or in person. This feedback is then used to inform our final standards.

The Authority is a member of the Health and Social Care Regulatory forum which published guidelines for consultation.

Current consultations

Draft National Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People in Ireland 2014

A nationwide public consultation on new National Standards for nursing homes and residential care settings providing services to older people is ongoing until the 24 September 2014.