9 Feb 2012

The report gives a retrospective national overview of the findings of the Authority’s initial inspections of nursing homes and centres for older people from 1 July 2009 to the end of September 2010.

11 Jan 2012

A health technology assessment of robot-assisted keyhole surgery has concluded that while the benefits to patients in certain surgical procedures are evident, the cost of its introduction would be significant.

5 Jan 2012

The Authority has conducted an international review of the secondary use of personal health information in the context of Information Governance. The review examines England, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

12 Dec 2011

This document outlines the approach to be taken by the Authority in developing eHealth standards for Ireland taking into account the current eHealth landscape and context. The closing date for feedback on this document was Friday 27 January 2012.

28 Nov 2011

These Draft Standards underwent a consultation process in January 2012 to obtain feedback. They aim to provide a clear set of rules to help and improve the way national health information resources collect, use and share national health and social care data in Ireland.

24 Nov 2011

These Guidelines set out to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of health technologies for the Irish health service. They provide direction on how to measure the ability of a healthcare technology to make a significant difference to a patient’s health status.

21 Nov 2011

The General Practice Messaging Standard 2.0 (GMPS 2.0) are updated technical standards for information systems that outline the way patient information, ranging from blood test results, diagnosis information, referrals and X rays, can be accurately and safely transferred between healthcare services.

26 Oct 2011

This document outlines the criteria for developing high-quality clinical guidelines.

26 October 2011: Statement of Outcomes

25 Oct 2011

The Authority has developed a guide that gives practical information for health and social care staff around the management of information. The guide details requirements, what you should know, benefits and making information governance a success. It was distributed to health and social care providers nationally with the aim of raising awareness around information governance and encouraging all providers to set it as a priority.

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