9 May 2013

This report provides a timely overview of the work undertaken by the Authority during 2012.

18 Apr 2013

HTA on the monitoring of women under 50 years of age at a higher risk of breast cancer due to a genetic predisposition or a strong family history.

28 Mar 2013

We have published our Draft Corporate Plan 2013 - 2015 for consultation.  This outlines the direction and focus of the organisation for the next three years.   Following consultation the Corporate Plan was published on 12 September - Read it here.

14 Feb 2013

This updated report provides additional clarity on some elements of key performance indicators. KPIs promote accountability to service users, by facilitating comparisons with other organisations, and to stated objectives or targets of an organisation. The original document was published in September 2010.

19 Dec 2012

The countries reviewed in detail in this report are Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, England, Northern Ireland and Scotland with a short summary of the findings from the United States, Denmark and Sweden. A review of the ePrescribing element of the European eHealth Project (epSOS) is also included.

7 Dec 2012

The purpose of this document is to provide high level guidance in respect of messaging standards in Ireland for the short to medium term.

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