9 Nov 2012

We have published Standardising Patient Discharge Summary Information: a Draft National Data Set for Consultation and held a consultation to obtain feedback. Feedback from this consultation was used to create the National Standard for Patient Discharge Summary Information.

7 Nov 2012

The results of a health technology assessment (HTA) of a national deep brain stimulation (DBS) programme for adults with movement disorders have been published by the Authority. This HTA shows that the current system where patients are routinely referred to the UK for treatment costs less than a proposed service provided nationally.

2 Nov 2012

This document outlines the Authority’s monitoring approach and includes some reference documents as appendices, including monitoring assessment sample documents such as the document and data required, the on-site agenda and the on-site observation tools.

17 Oct 2012

HIQA is seeking feedback on these draft Standards from interested groups, residents and their families and from the general public. The closing date for your feedback is 5pm Wednesday 21 November 2012.  Click here for further information.

5 Oct 2012

This updated report provides additional clarity on technical elements of key performance indicators. The Authority’s report outlines time-based pre-hospital emergency response time targets for patients with emergency conditions. The original document was published in January 2011.

26 Sep 2012

This Guidance is designed to complement the National Standards for Safer Better Healthcare. It aims to provide a common understanding on how the National Standards apply across all healthcare services and facilitates service providers in understanding and adopting them

13 Sep 2012

This guidance is aimed at helping healthcare professionals to improve how the health service handles patient information, and it provides practical examples on how to help prevent breaches from happening.

31 Jul 2012

The Authority has conducted an International Review of Information Security in Health and Social Care. The review examines England, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

25 Jul 2012

These standards aim to follow a child’s journey within the HSE child protection system to ensure that the child’s safety and welfare is protected. More information.

28 Jun 2012

This Business Plan outlines the objectives to be met in 2012

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