10 Jun 2011

The Authority has published a follow-up report on recommendations it has previously made for Health Service Executive foster care services. It found that many recommendations are outstanding and should be implemented without delay.

27 May 2011

This is our fourth Annual Report and provides a timely overview of the work undertaken during 2010 and the context in which this work was done. It provides an insight into the impact this work has had on improving the quality and safety in Ireland’s health and social services that benefits patients and people.

10 May 2011

Ten leading health information (HI) sources took part in the national survey, which was aimed at pinpointing themes for the development of national standards for national health information sources.

28 Apr 2011

Information Governance (IG) relates to issues such as information sharing, quality assurance, confidentiality, privacy and records management. Good IG ensures a balance between using health information appropriately in the provision of effective, safe, care and protecting service users’ individual rights. This review will inform the development of an IG structure for health and social care in Ireland.

26 Apr 2011

The Authority has conducted an international review of data quality.

We will use the relevant information from this review to identify the best practice options that may be tailored for Ireland to inform the development of national standards for health information governance and guidance on data quality, to support the delivery of safer better care in Ireland.

19 Apr 2011

This report presents the findings from the Health Information and Quality Authority (the Authority) investigation into the quality and safety of services and supporting arrangements provided by the Health Service Executive (HSE) at Mallow General Hospital (MGH), Cork. MGH is a site of the Cork University Hospital Group (CUH Group).

4 Apr 2011

Ballydowd Special Care Unit – a mixed gender unit in HSE Dublin Mid-Leinster
Coovagh House Special Care Unit – a mixed gender unit in the HSE West
Gleann Alainn Special Care Unit – a female only unit in the HSE South.

30 Mar 2011

Newsletter for the family and friends of those living in residential care centres in Ireland

19 Jan 2011

The purpose of this report is to advise and make recommendations to the Minister for Health and Children, and the Health Service Executive (HSE), under section 8(1)j of the Health Act 2007, on the introduction of key performance indicators for national pre-hospital emergency care response times. The current absence of such indicators has been identified by the Authority as a gap in the information available in respect of the safety and quality of services. Please note that the Authority has subsequently published Version 1.1 of this document in October 2012.

15 Dec 2010

This report provides a national overview of the Health Service Executive (HSE) special care services in Ireland. This follows coordinated and simultaneous inspections by the Health Information and Quality Authority (the Authority) of all three Special Care Units in Ireland which form the national special care service.

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