21 Nov 2011

The General Practice Messaging Standard 2.0 (GMPS 2.0) are updated technical standards for information systems that outline the way patient information, ranging from blood test results, diagnosis information, referrals and X rays, can be accurately and safely transferred between healthcare services.

26 Oct 2011

This document outlines the criteria for developing high-quality clinical guidelines.

26 October 2011: Statement of Outcomes

25 Oct 2011

The Authority has developed a guide that gives practical information for health and social care staff around the management of information. The guide details requirements, what you should know, benefits and making information governance a success. It was distributed to health and social care providers nationally with the aim of raising awareness around information governance and encouraging all providers to set it as a priority.

9 Sep 2011

This document has been developed to provide further information in relation to HIQA’s process for undertaking this investigation into The Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Dublin Incorporating the National Children’s Hospital (AMNCH) for patients who require acute admission.

1 Sep 2011

The purpose of these guidelines is to assist those conducting or using HTA in Ireland. They also inform health technology suppliers who prepare applications for reimbursement. These draft guidelines are now available for consultation.

30 Aug 2011

Newsletter for the family and friends of those living in residential care centres in Ireland

26 Aug 2011

This review studies the practices and processes being followed internationally in the area of major national health information sources, to identify the best way to develop and monitor national standards for health information sources for Ireland.

24 Aug 2011

This Business Plan outlines the objectives to be met in 2011, in keeping with our Corporate Plan 2010-2012.

12 Aug 2011

The Authority’s inquiry involved ongoing liaison with the McGivern family and the main service providers and agencies responsible for the transportation of patients requiring transplant surgery outside of Ireland. It details the chronology of events, improvements, new process, conclusions and recommendations.

3 Aug 2011

This report introduces key recommendations on the introduction of health identifiers for practitioners (HPI) and organisations (HOI). It outlines the benefits of implementing the HPI and HOI for service users and other stakeholders.

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