1 Sep 2011

The purpose of these guidelines is to assist those conducting or using HTA in Ireland. They also inform health technology suppliers who prepare applications for reimbursement. These draft guidelines are now available for consultation.

30 Aug 2011

Newsletter for the family and friends of those living in residential care centres in Ireland

26 Aug 2011

This review studies the practices and processes being followed internationally in the area of major national health information sources, to identify the best way to develop and monitor national standards for health information sources for Ireland.

24 Aug 2011

This Business Plan outlines the objectives to be met in 2011, in keeping with our Corporate Plan 2010-2012.

12 Aug 2011

The Authority’s inquiry involved ongoing liaison with the McGivern family and the main service providers and agencies responsible for the transportation of patients requiring transplant surgery outside of Ireland. It details the chronology of events, improvements, new process, conclusions and recommendations.

3 Aug 2011

This report introduces key recommendations on the introduction of health identifiers for practitioners (HPI) and organisations (HOI). It outlines the benefits of implementing the HPI and HOI for service users and other stakeholders.

27 Jul 2011

This health technology assessment (HTA) examined the potential for a new technology, prion filtration, to reduce the risk of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) transmission from the transfusion of red cell concentrates (RCC) in Ireland.

26 Jul 2011

The Membership of the Tallaght hospital Investigation Team, expert advisory panel, and guidance

15 Jul 2011

Draft National Quality Assurance Criteria for Clinical Guidelines support the development of high quality clinical guidelines in Ireland. We held a public consultation on this. The closing date for feedback was 25 August 2011.

Please note that the National Quality Assurance Criteria for Clinical Guidelines were published on 26 October 2011

22 Jun 2011

The implementation of HIQA’s recommendations will mean that patients will benefit from improved access to diagnostic services and will be able to easily find out how far their referral has progressed and get answers to any queries they have in relation to their referral.

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