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Person(s) in charge:
Peter McAtee
Disability Services
Company Directors:

Matthew Behan, Peter Connolly, Tom Lambert, Gerard O'Shea, Noel Merrick, Rebecca Bolster, Margaret Quinn, Marianne O'Malley, John Weldon, Emily Blennerhassett

Registration Information

Registered Provider:
KARE, Promoting Inclusion for People with Intellectual Disabilities
Register Type:
Disability Register
Registration Date:

Registration Conditions

Condition 1
Subject to any prohibitions or restrictions contained in any other condition(s), the designated centre shall be operated at all times in accordance with the Statement of Purpose within the footprint of the designated centre on the floor plan dated 11/03/2022. The registered provider shall only provide for the specific care and support needs, and services, within the facilities as set out the Statement of Purpose, as agreed with the Chief Inspector at the time of registration. Any changes to the specific care and support needs and services provided must be agreed in advance with the Chief Inspector.
Condition 2
Only persons aged 18 years or younger shall be accommodated at the designated centre at any time, with the exception of young people completing their final year of second level education.
Condition 3
The maximum number of persons that may be accommodated at the designated centre is 5.