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Kilbrew Recuperation and Nursing Care

Centre ID:
Centre type:
Older Person's
Kilbrew Demense, Curragha, Ashbourne, A84 TR72 Map
01 835 8900
Maximum Occupancy:
Person(s) in charge:
Bernie McCormack
Person in Charge phone number:
01 835 8900
Older Person's Services

Inspection Reports

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Registration Information

Registered Provider:
Kilbrew Recuperation and Nursing Care Limited
Register Type:
Older Persons Register
Registration Number:
Registration Date:
Registered Provider Address:
Kilbrew Demesne, Curragha, Ashbourne, A84 TR72, Meath
Registered Provider Phone:
01 835 8900
CRO Registration Number:

Registration Conditions

Condition 1
Subject to any prohibitions or restrictions contained in any other condition(s), the designated centre shall be operated at all times in accordance with the Statement of Purpose within the footprint of the designated centre on the floor plan received on 26 June 2020. The registered provider shall only provide for the specific care and support needs, and services, within the facilities as set out the Statement of Purpose, as agreed with the Chief Inspector at the time of registration. Any changes to the specific care and support needs and services provided must be agreed in advance with the Chief Inspector.
Condition 2
Only persons aged 18 years or older shall be accommodated at the designated centre at any time.
Condition 3
The maximum number of persons that may be accommodated at the designated centre is: 74.
Condition 4
Notwithstanding the requirements placed on the registered provider to comply with the Health Act 2007 (Care and Welfare of Residents in Designated Centres for Older People) Regulations 2013, the registered provider will implement all submitted compliance plans to ensure compliance with Regulation 5: Individual Assessment and Care Plans, Regulation 6: Health Care, Regulation 7: Managing Behaviours that Challenge and Regulation 23: Governance and Management to the satisfaction of the Chief Inspector no later than 31/12/2020.