According to the legislation (Statutory Instrument 256 of 2018), HIQA must justify:
- any new practices that involve exposing patients to ionising radiation before they are generally adopted*
- existing practices that involve exposing patients to ionising radiation, if new and significant information becomes available about the efficacy or safety of the practice itself or about any alternative practice that could replace it
*generally adopted means the practice is used for broad categories of patients, rather than individual patients. The process whereby HIQA approves a practice for a broad category of patients is also known as ‘generic justification’.

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How to apply for generic justification

HIQA is currently preparing guidance on applying for generic justification of a practice involving the medical exposure to ionising radiation. Please check back soon.

Medical Exposure to Ionising Radiation (MEIR) Expert Advisory Group

HIQA is currently in the process of convening a MEIR Expert Advisory Group. It will include representatives from professional bodies and patient organisations. This MEIR Expert Advisory Group will be responsible for reviewing the available evidence about practices and making a recommendation to HIQA about whether the practices should be generically justified. Please check back here soon to view the Expert Advisory Group membership, terms of reference, meeting dates, and submission deadlines for upcoming Expert Advisory Group meetings.

HIQA invites expressions of interest for suitably qualified and experienced persons with relevant expertise for consideration for appointment to the position of Chairperson of the MEIR Expert Advisory Group, as a contracted advisor. 

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