Freedom Of Information

Before you decide to make a request for information under FOI from the Health Information and Quality Authority (the Authority), why not explore our website or take a look at the shortcuts in our Publication Scheme below? The information you seek may already be available.

Publication Scheme

This publication scheme commits HIQA to make information available to the public as part of its normal business activities. It is here to help you quickly access information on our website.

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How to make an FOI request

Write to the FOI Officer, Health Information and Quality Authority, Georges Court, Georges Lane, Smithfield Dublin 7 or email

In your correspondence you should:

  • Refer to the FOI Act 
  • Give as much information as possible about the records you want
  • Specify how you prefer the records - as paper copies, electronic copies or in another format such as a CD-ROM

Alternatively, you can use our application form.

Assistance to Persons with a Disability

The Authority’s Freedom of information Officer is available to provide assistance to any persons with a disability to exercise their rights under the FOI Act.

  • Please contact the Freedom of information Officer
  • Tel  353-1-814 7670.

Want to know more?

Publication of requests

The Authority has a policy of posting a disclosure summary of non personal FOI requests on its website for reference purposes. View our Disclosure logs on the links below.

Fees and Payment

Do I have to pay?

There is no fee for making a request under the FOI Act, however fees are applicable for internal reviews in cases where non-personal information is sought.  Fees may be charged for the cost of photocopying and there are also charges for the search and retrieval of other information. The table below provides details of the fee structure as outlined in the legislation.

Explanation of the FOI Fees and charges here

Personal Information

If you are seeking access to your personal information there are unlikely to be fees or charges unless the volume of material is large, involving hundreds of records.  No charges are likely to arise in the case of requests or appeals relating to:

  • Records containing personal information relating to the requester,
  • Amendments to records containing personal information
  • Reasons for decisions which affected the requester.

Electronic payment

e-Day:  19th September 2014,  is the date from which central Government, local authorities and State agencies stop issuing and accepting cheques from businesses.   More details on e Day.  Since E-Day on 19 September we no longer accept cheques from businesses to pay fees or charges.  Businesses click here for information on how to make electronic payments.

Individuals can still pay the fee by cheque or by postal order.