As a registered provider or person in charge of a designated centre, you are legally required to notify us of certain prescribed incidents, events or changes within your centre under the following legislation.

Depending on the nature of the incident, event or change, you must notify us ‘within three working days’, ‘at the end of each quarter’, ‘on a six-monthly basis’ and in response to proposed changes within the designated centre (for example, change of person in charge).The timescales for notifying us of the different types of incidents that occur in designated centres vary depending on the nature of the incident being notified.

Failure to do so may be treated by the Authority as evidence of lack of fitness. This could have implications for registration or renewal of registration as well as possibly constituting an offence under the Health Act 2007.

Monitoring notification forms are listed below. You can download the relevant form directly and email to Where indicated, you can submit your notification via our Provider portal — click here to register your account or to log in.

For further guidance on notification types and requirements see Statutory Notifications: Guidance for registered providers and persons in charge

NF39 Quarterly Notification

Person in charge

Any occasion when restraint was used
Any occasion on which the fire alarm equipment is operated other than for the purpose of fire practice, drill or test of equipment
A recurring pattern of theft or burglary
Any death, including cause of death, other than those specified above

Submission dates for return of the quarterly notification form are:

  • 31 January (for incidents that took place in October, November and December)
  • 30 April (for incidents that took place in January, February and March)
  • 31 July (for incidents that took place in April, May and June)
  • 31 October (for incidents that took place in July, August and September).

Notification form

Nil Return of quarterly and or three day Notification

Registered provider

You should submit this form to the Chief Inspector every six months, if there has been no occurrence of any incident required to be notified to the Chief Inspector, this includes any incident outlined in the NF39 quarterly notification form or three day.

Submission dates for return of the Nil Return of quarterly and or three day Notification Form are 31 July (covering the period January to June) and 31 January (covering the period July to December)

Notification form