All providers of residential services for older people must be registered with HIQA prior to operating. Information on how to apply to be a registered provider can be found under the registration information page.

Providers are expected to comply with relevant regulations and National Standards as identified under the regulations page. Failure to comply with regulations and Standards can ultimately result in enforcement action being taken against providers by HIQA.

There is a specific team of inspectors allocated for monitoring and regulating services for older people. Each inspector has a caseload of designated centres that they are responsible for monitoring and regulating.

This process is carried out through inspections, reviewing notifications and solicited information (information we ask for) and unsolicited information (information which people tell us about through our concerns function).

We carry out different types of inspections, which are a mix of announced and unannounced. We then publish our inspection reports online, see a link to them at the bottom of the page.

These reports help to inform the public about what is like to live in the centre and reflect the provider’s level of compliance with the relevant regulations and National Standards. They also outline any required actions the provider needs to take.