Catalogue of National Health Information Sources in Ireland

Date of publication: 
Friday, July 30, 2010

Please note an updated version of this catalogue has been published (March 2014).

A considerable amount of information is collected on a regular basis about our health and social services. This information is used for many important purposes such as informed decision-making, monitoring of diseases, planning of services and policy making.

All stakeholders (the general public, patients and service users, health professionals and policy makers) need access to up-to-date information in order to make choices or decisions. It is vital that there is confidence in all aspects of the quality of this information as safe healthcare depends on access to, and use of information that is accurate, relevant, valid, timely and complete.

The publication of this data catalogue by the Authority is the first step towards development of standards for national health information sources in Ireland as it outlines what health and social care information is currently being collected at a national level.

This will benefit all stakeholders by informing them and increasing awareness on the existence, purpose and content of these sources and how data can be accessed. By examining all of the health information sources it also assists in identifying gaps or inconsistencies in health information.