11 Jul 2014

Revised health technology assessment (HTA) guidelines that assist decision makers in evaluating the budget impact of health technologies.

10 Jul 2014

Public feedback is being sought on draft national guidelines on the retrieval and interpretation of economic evaluations and on updated clinical effectiveness guidelines for health technology assessment. The consultation will run until 29 August 2014.

8 Jul 2014

Following a request from the Health Service Executive (HSE), the Authority has undertaken a series of health technology assessments (HTAs) examining clinical referral and treatment thresholds for selected scheduled procedures. This is the third round of assessments, and follows previous assessments published in April and December 2013.

4 Jul 2014

Messaging standards outline the structure, content and data requirements of electronic messages to enable the effective and accurate sharing of information. In the context of messaging standards, the term “message” refers to a unit of information that is sent from one system to another, such as between a laboratory and a general practitioner (GP). Specific messaging standards for the healthcare context, such as the GPMS, are an essential way of improving how we use technology to enable safe and effective information exchange.

2 Jul 2014

In the latest phase in a series of health technology assessments (HTAs) of referral thresholds for selected procedures, HIQA is looking at selected scheduled gastrointestinal procedures. A consultation on these draft recommended referral thresholds will run until29 August 2014.

25 Jun 2014

The purpose of this report is to provide advice to the Minister for Health on adopting SNOMED CT as a national standard for Ireland, including the implications of such a decision. SNOMED CT is a terminology system that can be implemented in computer systems to represent clinically relevant information reliably and reproducibly.
Clinical coding is ‘the translation of medical terminology as written by the clinician to describe a patient’s complaint, problem, diagnosis, treatment or reason for seeking medical attention, into a coded format’ which is nationally and internationally recognised.

6 Jun 2014

This report presents the findings from the review of the governance of UL Hospitals that has been undertaken by the Health Information and Quality Authority. This review was undertaken in order to monitor progress with the implementation of the Authority’s National Standards for Safer Better Healthcare.

16 May 2014

Business Plan outlines the objectives to be met during 2014, in keeping with our Corporate Plan 2013-2015.

7 May 2014

Medication reconciliation is the process of creating and maintaining the most accurate list possible of all medications a person is taking – including drug name, dosage, frequency and route – in order to identify any discrepancies and to ensure any changes are documented and communicated, thus resulting in a complete list of medications.

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