6 May 2014

The report summarises the findings of the 697 individual inspection reports published by HIQA during 2013, analyses the regulatory activity that HIQA undertook as a result of these findings and provides an overview on the nursing home sector in Ireland.

28 Apr 2014

This report provides a timely overview of the work undertaken by the Authority during 2013.

25 Apr 2014

Review of international regulators and quality improvement agencies which explores how these organisations use information in their work to improve health and social care services in their jurisdictions.

24 Mar 2014

These guidelines describe best practice with regard to involving stakeholders in HTA in the Irish healthcare setting following a public consultation.

10 Mar 2014

These collections gather large volumes of data to provide information on Irish health and social care services, and this catalogue combines information about them in a single location. The Catalogue of National Health and Social Care Data Collections was first published in 2010 and included 97 data collections. This updated version includes 108 collections, reflecting a number of new additions, while others that appeared previously are no longer in operation.

5 Mar 2014

This is a guide to HIQA’s programme of monitoring with the National Standards for the Prevention and Control of Healthcare Associated Infections. It explains HIQA’s approach to monitoring the compliance of service providers – including hospitals – with the Standards and it refers to unannounced inspections only.

24 Feb 2014

Newsletter for the family and friends of those living in residential care centres in Ireland

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