26 Jun 2012

These standards are immensely important for patients, placing them at the heart of the care process. They are aimed at protecting patients and improving services, and will form the basis for future licensing of all healthcare facilities in Ireland.

26 Oct 2011

This document outlines the criteria for developing high-quality clinical guidelines.

26 October 2011: Statement of Outcomes

9 Sep 2011

This document has been developed to provide further information in relation to HIQA’s process for undertaking this investigation into The Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Dublin Incorporating the National Children’s Hospital (AMNCH) for patients who require acute admission.

12 Aug 2011

The Authority’s inquiry involved ongoing liaison with the McGivern family and the main service providers and agencies responsible for the transportation of patients requiring transplant surgery outside of Ireland. It details the chronology of events, improvements, new process, conclusions and recommendations.

26 Jul 2011

The Membership of the Tallaght hospital Investigation Team, expert advisory panel, and guidance

15 Jul 2011

Draft National Quality Assurance Criteria for Clinical Guidelines support the development of high quality clinical guidelines in Ireland. We held a public consultation on this. The closing date for feedback was 25 August 2011.

Please note that the National Quality Assurance Criteria for Clinical Guidelines were published on 26 October 2011

19 Apr 2011

This report presents the findings from the Health Information and Quality Authority (the Authority) investigation into the quality and safety of services and supporting arrangements provided by the Health Service Executive (HSE) at Mallow General Hospital (MGH), Cork. MGH is a site of the Cork University Hospital Group (CUH Group).

19 Jan 2011

The purpose of this report is to advise and make recommendations to the Minister for Health and Children, and the Health Service Executive (HSE), under section 8(1)j of the Health Act 2007, on the introduction of key performance indicators for national pre-hospital emergency care response times. The current absence of such indicators has been identified by the Authority as a gap in the information available in respect of the safety and quality of services. Please note that the Authority has subsequently published Version 1.1 of this document in October 2012.

23 Sep 2010

This consultation document presents for public consultation proposed new national standards for the quality and safety of healthcare services in Ireland. These national standards have been designed to describe the principles of how healthcare should be provided in any care setting.

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