Since November 2013, all designated centres for people with disabilities, both children and adults, must be registered with the Chief Inspector. We monitor and inspect designated centres regularly to ensure they maintain a high level of care and support.

An intended registered provider wishing to register a centre can contact us on (021) 240 9340 or by email at and our registration team will explain the requirements of the registration process.

  • Regulatory Notice:

    Important information from the Chief Inspector of Social Services (COVID-19)
    Emergency residential placement in an unregistered designated centre

    Timeframe Within 24 hours
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  • Regulatory Notice:

    Restrictive procedures - What constitutes a notifiable event? RN02/2014
    This notice contains important information for Registered Providers and Persons-in-Charge
    regulatory_notice_on_restrictive_procedures.pdf413.6 KB

In order for an application to register to be granted by the Office of the Chief Inspector, the service must be operated in line with the Health Act 2007, and the regulations as amended, which are listed here:

Additionally, service providers are given a framework for the ongoing quality improvement of person-centred residential services through the National Standards for Residential Services for Children and Adults with Disabilities.

HIQA recognises that residents, their families and their friends may have questions about the role of HIQA in regulating residential services. We hope that our guidebook may answer many of these questions. In addition, inspectors will always be happy to meet with residents, family, friends and staff while on inspection. Their feedback is always welcome.

HIQA has prepared a range of guidance documents to help providers with various aspects of regulation. These can be found by going to Guidance in the menu on the left.

HIQA has prepared documents in relation to how we operate and what to expect from HIQA staff during an inspection and in your dealings with us:

There is an opportunity to provide feedback to our inspectors during each inspection. We always ask that service providers take this opportunity. In the unlikely event that an issue of concern arises about the conduct of an inspection, then these documents may be of assistance.