The National Care Experience Programme seeks to improve the quality of health and social care services in Ireland by asking people about their experiences of care and acting on their feedback. It is a joint initiative by HIQA, the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Department of Health.

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The National Inpatient Experience Survey

The National Inpatient Experience Survey is a nationwide survey asking patients about their recent experiences in hospital. The purpose of the survey is to learn from patients’ feedback in order to improve hospital care. The survey is now open to eligible participants.

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The results of last year’s National Inpatient Experience Survey are now available to view here.


National Inpatient Experience Survey

A survey providing patients with the opportunity to describe their experiences of public acute hospital care in Ireland. The purpose of this survey is to learn from patients’ feedback to find out what is working well in our hospitals, and what needs to be improved. The HSE responds to the results of the survey by developing quality improvement plans at national, hospital and hospital group levels. In addition, the results of the survey are used to inform regulation, national policies and standards.

National Maternity Experience Survey

A survey which offers women the opportunity to share their experiences of Ireland’s maternity services, from antenatal care, through care during labour and birth, to postnatal care. The aim of the survey is to learn from the experiences of women to improve the safety and quality of the care that they and their baby receive. The first National Maternity Experience Survey was carried out in early 2020. The results of the survey and the HSE’s response are now available on

National Maternity Bereavement Experience Survey

The survey will invite parents who have been bereaved by a second trimester miscarriage, stillborn infant or early neonatal death to share their experiences of care. This survey will learn about parents’ lived experiences of maternity bereavement care throughout the duration of their pregnancy, hospital admission, postnatal and follow-up care. The findings will drive service improvements in maternity bereavement care, acknowledging what is working well and identifying areas where improvement are needed. The survey is currently being developed and is planned to take place in 2022.

National Nursing Home Experience Survey

The survey aims to learn from and understand the experiences of nursing home residents in Ireland. The survey will provide residents and a family member or friend with an opportunity to share their experiences of care in Irish nursing homes, identifying areas of good practice and areas needing improvement.

National End of Life Survey

This is the first time a national survey will ask about the experience of care in a person’s last months of life in Ireland. Bereaved relatives, which can include the closest relatives or friends of those who have died, will be invited to tell us about the experience of end-of-life care from their perspective.

The survey will include people who were cared for and died in a number of settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and in their own homes. The findings will be used to improve care services, inform regulation, national policies and standards. The National End of Life Survey will be implemented in 2022.

Survey Hub

The Survey Hub supports health and social care providers to develop and implement their own surveys. The Survey Hub offers a suite of resources for anyone aiming to capture the experiences of people using health and social care services.

The Survey Hub provides advice on how to develop and implement a survey, interpret the findings, and make improvements based on the results. The hub contains e-learning modules, presentations, podcasts and guidance.

For more information and to view all the resources and materials available, visit the Survey Hub on

For further information

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HIQA, as the lead partner in this initiative, is responsible for implementing and managing the programme, which includes the National Inpatient Experience Survey, the National Maternity Experience Survey, the National Maternity Bereavement Experience Survey, the National End of Life Survey and the National Nursing Homes Experience Survey.