About us

The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) is an independent authority established to drive high quality and safe care for people using our health and social care services in Ireland. HIQA’s role is to develop standards, inspect and review health and social care services and support informed decisions on how services are delivered.

HIQA aims to safeguard people and improve the safety and quality of health and social care services across its full range of functions.

HIQA’s mandate to date extends across a specified range of public, private and voluntary sector services. Reporting to the Minister for Health and engaging with the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, HIQA has statutory responsibility for:

  • Setting Standards for Health and Social Services – Developing person-centred standards, based on evidence and best international practice, for health and social care services in Ireland.
  • Regulation – Registering and inspecting designated centres.
  • Monitoring Children’s Services – Monitoring and inspecting children’s social services.
  • Monitoring Healthcare Safety and Quality – Monitoring the safety and quality of health services and investigating as necessary serious concerns about the health and welfare of people who use these services.
  • Health Technology Assessment – Providing advice that enables the best outcome for people who use our health service and the best use of resources by evaluating the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of drugs, equipment, diagnostic techniques and health promotion and protection activities.
  • Health Information – Advising on the efficient and secure collection and sharing of health information, setting standards, evaluating information resources and publishing information about the delivery and performance of Ireland’s health and social care services.

HIQA's mission and values

HIQA is an independent Authority that exists to improve health and social care services for the people of Ireland.

Among its functions, HIQA promotes improvement in the quality and safety of health and social care services, assesses health technologies and advises on the use of health information.

HIQA’s core values are to:

  • Put people first – HIQA puts the needs and the voices of people who use health and social care services at the centre of all of its work
  • Be fair and objective – HIQA strives to be fair and objective in its dealings with people and organisations, and undertakes its work without fear or favour
  • Be open and accountable – HIQA shares information about the nature and outcomes of its work, and accepts full responsibility for its actions
  • Be committed to excellence – HIQA seeks to continually improve and strives for excellence in its work
  • Work together – HIQA engages with those funding, planning, providing and using health and social care services in developing all aspects of its work.


HIQA's core values are: Put people first, be fair and objective, be open and accountable, be committed to excellence and work together