HIQA's Older People's inspection team are legally responsible for the monitoring, inspection and registration of designated nursing homes in Ireland.

We are a team of people from a variety of backgrounds such as nursing, social work, legal, pharmacy and environmental health. We have all been trained to carry out inspections and many of us have years of experience working in nursing homes.

Our main goal during inspection is to meet as many people as possible, including residents and families. We also speak with members of staff, the person in charge and the person who represents the provider service. This gives us an insight into the running of the nursing home and the good aspects of care there, such as residents being involved in the running of the centre.

What we do

We are legally responsible for monitoring, inspecting and registering all nursing homes in Ireland to ensure that residents are safe and receive a high quality of care. Inspections ensure that services meet the requirements set out by the Health Act 2007, regulations and National Standards in order to be registered to operate.

We use specific regulations and National Standards to monitor and inspect nursing homes. This ensures that providers of care are aware of the level of service they should provide to residents.

We carry out different types of inspections, some of which are announced and unannounced.

During our inspections, we are seeking assurance that the regulations governing nursing home care are being adhered to. We want to know that older people who are receiving residential:

  • are safe
  • their rights are respected
  • they are included in decisions about their care
  • the care provided matches their individual health and social needs, and
  • that they have a good quality of life.

We then publish all our inspection reports on our website. These reports gives information to the public on what it is like to live in the centre and to see if a centre provides consistently good care.

In addition to inspection, our team continually monitors activity in nursing homes. This is done through nursing home managers informing us of certain incidents that occur in the nursing home such as serious injuries, allegations of abuse, outbreaks of infection and staff misconduct.

We also receive unsolicited information by persons who may have a concern about the care provided. Inspectors review all of this information and use it to inform our work. Our aim is to ensure that good care is provided to residents, and we take necessary action to enforce this when required.