The Disability Team is legally responsible for the monitoring, inspection and registration of all residential services for both children and adults with a disability in Ireland.

Our team members come from a variety of backgrounds, including social care workers, intellectual disability nurses, registered general nurses, psychiatric nurses, pharmacists, fire officers and environmental health officers.

Each member of the inspection team is also trained to undertake regulation-based inspections, ensuring that services meet the requirements set out by the Health Act 2007, regulations and National Standards in order to be registered to operate. During our inspections, we attempt to speak with as many residents as possible, and with their families and or representative. We also speak with staff members, the person in charge and the person who represents the provider service.

During our inspections, we are seeking assurance that the regulations governing the provision of residential services for persons with disabilities are being adhered to.

We want to know that people with a disability who are receiving residential care are safe, their rights are respected, they are included in decisions about their care, the care provided matches their individual health and social needs, and that they have a good quality of life.

Our work begins by monitoring, reviewing and risk-rating information submitted by and about residential services. This information may be in relation to how service providers respond to events such as serious injury, allegations of abuse or outbreaks of infection. We also monitor review and risk rate information submitted by third parties in relation to centres and follow this up with service providers, as required.