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Assessment judgment framework for disability services (DCD)

Status: Updated on

Updated June 2022

The purpose of the assessment judgment framework is to support inspectors in gathering evidence when monitoring or assessing a designated centre and to make judgments on compliance. The framework sets out the lines of enquiry to be explored by inspectors in order to assess compliance with the regulations and or standards being monitored or assessed.

It also outlines the compliance descriptors of:

  • Compliant: a judgment of compliant means the provider and or the person in charge is in full compliance with the relevant regulation.
  • Substantially compliant: a judgment of substantially compliant means that the provider or person in charge has generally met the requirements of the regulation but some action is required to be fully compliant. This finding will have a risk rating of yellow, which is low risk.
  • Not compliant: a judgment of not compliant means the provider or person in charge has not complied with a regulation and that considerable action is required to come into compliance.