• Standards


    We develop national standards to promote safety and quality in health and social care services in Ireland. To do this, we look at international best practice in health and social care and talk to service users and services.
  • Guides


    We develop guidance to help services implement national standards and to explain our approach to inspecting and monitoring. We speak with experts, patients, families, carers, front-line staff and managers in order to produce guidance.
  • Key Reports

    Key Reports & Investigations

    Our Healthcare team has worked on a number of important investigations and reviews into hospital services. Their findings and recommendations are important for all services, both in healthcare and social care.
  • Health Information

    Health Information

    It is important that health information is well managed in order to ensure high-quality, safe care. We review best practice internationally and work with experts to develop recommendations in this field.
  • Corporate pub

    Corporate Publications

    Our core values put the rights and dignity of people using services as the main focus of all our work. In our corporate publications, we spell out our goals to achieve this.
  • Health Technology Assessments

    Health Technology Assessments

    Health technology assessment (HTA) is a research process involving many areas of expertise that impartially collects, summarises and presents information about a health technology.
  • Consultations


    We believe people who use health and social care services and those who provide them can help us to improve the quality and safety of these services by getting involved in public consultations about new care standards.
  • Clinical Guideline Support

    HRB-CICER Clinical Guideline Support

    National Clinical Guidelines aim to provide guidance and standards for improving the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of healthcare in Ireland.