Safer Better Healthcare

National Standards for Safer Better Healthcare

We have recently developed National Standards for Safer Better Healthcare. They are aimed at protecting patients and they provide, for the first time, a strategic approach to improving safety, quality and reliability in our health services. They will form the basis for future licensing of all healthcare facilities in Ireland.

Watch the launch of the National Standards.

Watch our video here or on our YouTube channel where Dr. Deirdre Mulholland, discusses the importance of the Standards.

You can also listen to an overview of the National Standards below or on iTunes (search HIQA).

In addition to the National Standards, HIQA has also published

National Standards for Safer Better Healthcare

Ireland has many examples of good healthcare. However, like other countries, sometimes patients have been let down and things have gone wrong in healthcare. It is recognised internationally that setting standards and checking compliance with them can accelerate the drive towards quality and patient-safety.

The National Standards for Safer Better Health will provide the building blocks for a standards-driven health service, creating a common understanding of quality and safety. The standards will give healthcare providers a structure to systematically and continuously improve the safety and quality of services delivered.

5 things you need to know about the Standards

The National Standards will:

  • place patients at the heart of the care process
  • be a benchmark for change for safety
  • give patients a clear expectation of the standard of care they can expect to receive
  • ensure services will be clear on what is expected of them
  • provide a strategic approach to improving safety, quality and reliability in our health service.

Every service from hospitals to general practices will be able to use them to improve the service they provide to patients.

The National Standards for Safer Better Healthcare have been developed by us with the input of patient representatives, experts and relevant stakeholders and are in keeping with the Authority's mandate under the Health Act 2007.

We originally published draft national standards to get the views of the public on them. We also conducted a public opinion poll to get the to get the opinions of the public on safety and quality in healthcare.  

Over 200 submissions were received from members of the public and interested parties in response to our public consultation.

An overview of some of the feedback received during this consultation process can be found in our statement of outcomes document from the public consultation.

The implementation of the Standards will enable and support the implementation of national safety and quality initiatives such as recommendations from the Commission on Patient Safety and Quality Assurance. We are confident that they will form a roadmap for safer and better healthcare for all.

Information Sessions on the Standards

A series of information sessions given in September and October 2012 included presentations on: