Health Technology Assessment

What is a Health Technology Assessment?

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is a form of research that generates information about the clinical and cost-effectiveness of health technologies.

These technologies can include drugs, medical devices, diagnostic techniques, surgical procedures and public health programmes such as cancer screening programmes.

A Health Technology Assessment (HTA) may also look at the social, ethical, medicolegal and organisational aspects associated with use of a technology including its resource implications and budget impact.

The information provided by the HTA is used to inform health policy decisions regarding the investment in (or disinvestment from) these health technologies.

The main issues considered as part of a HTA are:

  • does the technology work?
  • for whom does it work?
  • what is the benefit to the individual?
  • at what cost?
  • how does it compare to the alternatives?


Find out more about health technology assessments completed and in progress


Established guidelines enable HTAs to be carried out to the highest standard and allow comparisons between assessments.  Read more about guidelines that we have developed to date

Horizon scanning

Horizon scanning is the gathering and sharing of information on new and emerging technologies that may be of interest in future assessment programmes.


We collaborate with similar agencies in Europe and elsewhere to share and leverage off key learnings and to harness international expertise and experience to enhance the efficiency and quality of our assessments and other outputs.

Scientific Advisory Group

The Scientific Advisory Group  is a multi-disciplinary group comprising broad representation from key stakeholders in healthcare in Ireland and including methodological experts in HTA. The group advises on the development of HTA guidelines and provides expert methodological advice.

Programme Advisory Group

The Programme advisory group comprises of key stakeholders in the Irish healthcare system; the group advises and assists the Authority on strategy, processes and procedures for the conduct of HTA.