Disability services publication statement 15 March 2023

Date of publication:
  • Reports published 15 March 2023


Today, the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) has published 31 inspection reports on designated centres for people with disabilities. HIQA inspects against the Health Act 2007 (Care and Support of Residents in Designated Centres for Persons (Children and Adults with Disabilities) Regulations 2013 and the National Standards for Residential Services for Children and Adults with Disabilities, which apply to residential services for people with disabilities in Ireland. 
Of these 31 inspections, inspectors found a generally good level of compliance with the regulations and standards in 15 centres operated by a number of providers including; Inspire Wellbeing CLG, Muiríosa Foundation, Nua Healthcare Services Limited, Peter Bradley Foundation CLG, St Hilda's Services, St John of God Community Services CLG, St Michael's House, Steadfast House CLG, Stewarts Care Limited and The Rehab Group.

Examples of good practice observed by inspectors included:

  • At a centre in Sligo operated by Peter Bradley Foundation CLG, residents were assisted through staff support and easy-to-read information to understand their rights and the services they could access at the centre. The overall impression of the centre was that it was a warm, bright and comfortable place that residents enjoyed coming too.
  • At a respite centre in Westmeath operated by St Hilda's Services, residents’ choices were promoted as they choose their rooms to stay in during their visit to the centre. Choice was also promoted through residents making decisions during their stay on the food they wanted and activities they participated in. Feedback questionnaires reviewed by the inspector illustrated that residents enjoyed staying at the centre.
  • During an inspection of a centre in Dublin operated by Stewarts Care Limited, residents were eager to show the inspector around their bedrooms which were personalised with family photos. Residents were also supported to play an active part in their community and enjoyed a range of activities. Residents were supported to exercise their rights and attended regular weekly meetings where they made choices on meals, activities and had discussions about assisted decision-making and human rights principles.

Inspectors identified non-compliance with the regulations and standards on 16 inspections. 

Three reports identifying non-compliance have been published on centres operated by St John of God Community Services CLG. An urgent action was issued at one centre relating to safeguarding concerns. Improvements were also required in the two other centres in regards to staff training, residents’ health plans and contracts for services. 

High levels of non-compliance were recorded at two centres operated by Sunbeam House Services CLG. Improvements were required in fire safety, staffing, and risk management. 

Non-compliance was identified in residents’ contracts, premises, and complaints management at a centre operated by the Rehab Group. 

Two centres operated by Peamount Healthcare required improvements in areas such as staffing, notifying incidents to HIQA as required, and residents’ contracts.
Fire safety, residents’ finances, and staff training required improvement at a centre operated by Saint Patrick's Centre (Kilkenny). Two centres operated by Nua Healthcare Services Limited required improvements in areas such as safeguarding, measures to protect against infection and premises. 

Improvements were required in measures to protect against infection and in the physical premises of two centres operated by Inspire Wellbeing CLG. Measures to protect against infection also required improvement at a centre operated by Talbot Care Unlimited Company. Residents’ personal plans and notifying incidents to HIQA, required improvement at a centre operated by Prosper Fingal CLG.

Finally, an urgent action was issued to a centre operated by Praxis Care due to the impact of safeguarding incidents on residents. 

Read all reports at the link below.