Disability services publication statement 2 July 2021

Date of publication:

Today, the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) has published 31 inspection reports on designated centres for people with disabilities. HIQA inspects against the Health Act 2007 (Care and Support of Residents in Designated Centres for Persons (Children and Adults) with Disabilities) Regulations 2013 and the National Standards for Residential Services for Children and Adults with Disabilities, which apply to residential services for people with disabilities in Ireland. 

Of these 31 inspections, inspectors found a good level of compliance with the regulations and standards in 16 centres, including in centres operated by RehabCare; St Aidan's Day Care Centre; St John of God Community Services; Sunbeam House Services; The Rehab Group and Western Care Association.

Examples of good practice observed by inspectors included:

  • In a Western Care centre in Mayo, residents' routines were guided by their behavioural support needs and staff were aware of how to incorporate these needs into planning daily activities for residents.
  • Residents in a St Aidan's Day Care Centre in Wexford were provided with nursing support and each resident had an individual plan in place to support them with specific healthcare needs.
  • In a Sunbeam House Services centre in Wicklow, residents were supported to develop the knowledge, self-awareness and skills needed for self-care and protection. Residents were each provided with a safeguarding passport, which was an easy-to-read document that explained who residents could talk to if they had a concern. 

Inspectors identified non-compliance with the regulations and standards on 15 inspections. 

Inspectors found non-compliance in two RehabCare centres. In one centre, management systems required improvement to ensure that the centre was safe and appropriate to residents’ needs. In the other centre, some areas of the premises required updating. 

Three St John of God Community Services centres required improvements in contracts of care to ensure transparency in the fees charged to residents. 

In a St Joseph’s Foundation centre, the provider had failed to ensure that the management of the centre was respectful of residents’ rights. 
Inspectors found non-compliance in five St Michael's House centres.

In three centres, restrictive practices had not been appropriately reviewed to safeguard residents’ rights. In another centre, there was an ongoing compatibility issue, which had negatively impacted residents’ lived experience within the centre. 

Inspectors found non-compliance in four Stewarts Care centres. All four centres required improvement to ensure that the premises were homely and maintained to a good standard. In two centres, management systems did not ensure effective monitoring and oversight arrangements of the care and support for residents.

  • Reports published 2 July 2021