Disability services publication statement 20 September 2023

Date of publication:
  • Reports published 20 September 2023


Today, the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) has published 26 inspection reports on designated centres for people with disabilities. HIQA inspects against the Health Act 2007 (Care and Support of Residents in Designated Centres for Persons (Children and Adults) with Disabilities) Regulations 2013 and the National Standards for Residential Services for Children and Adults with Disabilities, which apply to residential services for people with disabilities in Ireland. 
Of these 26 inspections, inspectors found a generally good level of compliance with the regulations and standards in 11 centres operated by a number of providers including; Muiríosa Foundation, Nua Healthcare Services Limited, Prosper Fingal CLG, Resilience Healthcare Limited, St John of God Community Services CLG, St Michael's House, Talbot Care Unlimited Company, The Cheshire Foundation in Ireland and The Rehab Group.

Examples of good practice observed by inspectors included: 

  • At a centre in Westmeath operated by Muiríosa Foundation, the apartments were found to be homely and had been adapted to suit people with mobility needs. Bedrooms were decorated in line with residents’ wishes. Residents led meaningful and active lives in line with their personal preferences. For example, some residents liked looking after animals and the inspectors saw how they were supported to do this. 
  • At a centre in Longford operated by Nua Healthcare Services Limited, residents had their own private garden area which was equipped with a basketball net for them to use at their leisure. Residents agreed menus for the week and organised their social activities at meetings with staff. 
  • At a centre in Louth operated by St John of God Community Services CLG, residents were very happy in their home. For example, the inspector met one resident who was relaxing in the back garden and playing archery on the day of the inspection. Staff were observed to be at all times respectful of the individual choices of the residents.

Inspectors identified non-compliance with the regulations and standards on a further 15 inspections. 

A high level of non-compliance was identified at a centre operated by Waterford Intellectual Disability Association CLG. Institutional and restrictive practices were found to have impacted on residents’ rights. Residents’ charges were not in line with their contracts of care, while fire safety and managing risks also required improvements.

An urgent action was issued to L'Arche Ireland to address an issue identified with the premises during an inspection of a centre. In addition, improved management of safeguarding incidents and staff training were also needed. 

At a centre operated by MMC Children's Services Limited, inadequate measures to protect against infection posed a risk to residents. Improvements were needed in residents’ personal plans and managing restrictive practices. 

Managing risks, safeguarding concerns and residents’ support plans all required improvements at a centre operated by Nua Healthcare Services Limited. Non-compliance was also identified in relation to residents’ personal care and their rights. At another centre operated by the same provider, improvements were required in residents’ behavioural supports. 

Staffing and safeguarding incidents were identified as areas in need of improvement at a centre operated by St. Michael's House.

A centre operated by An Breacadh Nua required improvements in fire safety, managing risks and medications, and residents’ personal plans.

Residents’ finances and measures to protect against infection required improvement at a centre operated by Saint Patrick's Centre (Kilkenny)/trading as Aurora- Enriching Lives, Enriching Communities.

Three centres operated by St. John of God Community Services CLG required improvements in staffing, residents’ access to personal possessions and the premises.

Insufficient staffing which impacted on residents’ activities and management of medications were found to need improvement at two centres operated by Muiríosa Foundation. 

The suitability of the premises required improvement at a centre operated by The Children's Sunshine Home (operating as LauraLynn Children's Hospice).

Finally, improved management of medications was needed at a centre operated by Stepping Stones Residential Care Limited. 

A full list of reports published today accompanies this statement. 

Read all reports by following the link below.