5 Dec 2016

This Review, which began in April 2016, sought to evaluate the progress achieved at Portlaoise Hospital in implementing the HIQA Portlaoise Investigation Report’s recommendations.

27 Oct 2016

This guidance document provides an overview of what HTA is and how it is conducted by HIQA.

25 Oct 2016

This guide outlines phase one of the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA’s) medication safety monitoring programme in public acute hospitals in Ireland. 

19 Oct 2016

This international review aims to identify and analyse international experience and best practice with regard to the model and methodology employed to deliver a national patient experience survey.

10 Oct 2016

The draft revised national standards contains 31 standards under eight themes, as follows:

3 Oct 2016

Based on our experience of the health and social care system, HIQA made a submission to the Committee on the Future of Healthcare setting out our vision for the future of health a

26 Sep 2016

The draft National Standards contains twenty standard statements under five themes:

19 Aug 2016

The purpose of this document is to review international evidence and best practice with regard to the development and use of summary care records. An initial desktop review of summary care records identified seven countries for in-depth examination including; England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands.

29 Jul 2016

HIQA’s review of international experience and best practice found that having national health social care data collections with quality data leads to improvements in the quality of care patients receive.

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