19 Jan 2017

ePrescribing was identified in the National eHealth Strategy (2013)(1) as a key priority for Ireland. The benefits of ePrescribing initiatives are well documented and an increasing number of countries have adopted their use. These benefits include a reduction in medication errors, prescription and transcription errors, with a corresponding improvement in patient safety.

17 Jan 2017

Safe and reliable health and social care depends on access to, and use of, information that is accurate, valid, reliable, timely, relevant, legible and complete.

12 Jan 2017

Accurate, relevant and timely data is essential in order to improve health and social care, to inform decision-making, monitor diseases, organise services, inform policy making, conduct high-quality research and plan for future health and social care needs, both at national and local levels.

5 Jan 2017

Following a request from the Department of Health, the Health Information and Quality Authority agreed to undertake a health technology assessment (HTA) of smoking cessation interventions. This work examined the clinical and cost-effectiveness of different pharmacological and behavioural therapies designed to increase the chances of smokers making successful quit attempts.

21 Dec 2016

Ireland’s first National Maternity Strategy (Creating a Better Future Together) was launched by the Minister for Health in January 2016. The National Standards
that support the implementation of the National Maternity Strategy are set out in this document.

5 Dec 2016

This Review, which began in April 2016, sought to evaluate the progress achieved at Portlaoise Hospital in implementing the HIQA Portlaoise Investigation Report’s recommendations.

27 Oct 2016

This guidance document provides an overview of what HTA is and how it is conducted by HIQA.

25 Oct 2016

This guide outlines phase one of the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA’s) medication safety monitoring programme in public acute hospitals in Ireland. 

19 Oct 2016

This international review aims to identify and analyse international experience and best practice with regard to the model and methodology employed to deliver a national patient experience survey.

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