Draft HTA of expansion of the childhood immunisation schedule to include varicella (chickenpox)

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Following a request from the Minister for Health, the Health Information and Quality Authority agreed to undertake a health technology assessment (HTA) of the expansion of the childhood immunisation schedule in Ireland to include varicella (chickenpox) vaccination. The HTA assesses the clinical effectiveness, safety, cost effectiveness, budget impact, ethical and social aspects, and organisational changes associated with expanding the childhood immunisation schedule to include chickenpox vaccination. A draft report describing the results of the assessment is being made available for public consultation prior to being finalised. 

The aim of this consultation exercise is to gain feedback from stakeholders with a broad range of experience that could potentially be affected by a childhood varicella vaccination programme. Input from all sectors of society is crucial in providing comprehensive, balanced and evidence-based information to aid decision making in our national health service. 

Interested parties are asked to review the draft report and provide us with any comments or additional information they feel are pertinent to the assessment and to decision-making regarding the expansion of the national childhood immunisation schedule to include varicella vaccination.

The consultation period will last until 29 May 2023. 

The easiest way to give your feedback is to complete the online survey here.

Or complete a PDF version of the consultation form available below, and e-mail the completed consultation form to consultation@hiqa.ie

The deadline for receipt of submissions is 5pm on Monday, 29 May 2023.

Following this consultation, the report will be updated as necessary based on the feedback received. The report will then be provided as advice to the Minister for Health to inform a decision on whether or not to add the chickenpox (varicella) vaccine to the routine childhood immunisation schedule.

More details can be found in the following press release