Draft recommendations on ICT Enablement of Older Persons Services

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We are seeking feedback on the development of draft recommendations on the ICT Enablement of Older Persons Services.

HIQA is developing recommendations to ensure that an older person’s health information can be shared safely and effectively between systems across their care journey and to address the needs of all the healthcare professionals involved, while placing the older person at the centre of care. The recommendations cover four important aspects of ICT enablement of services for older persons: Strategy and governance; Vision and roadmap; Standardised sharing of information; and User engagement.

In covering these areas, it is hoped that the recommendations can acknowledge the excellent work done to date in a broad range of areas, while also identifying deficiencies in Ireland. In collaboration with stakeholders, the recommendations aim to outline a suite of agreed measures that will contribute to the successful ICT enablement of older persons’ services in Ireland, and a sound foundation for broader national eHealth goals under Sláintecare.

Having undertaken a comprehensive evidence review and stakeholder engagement to inform the development of the draft recommendations, HIQA is holding a public consultation from 16 March 2022 until 29 April 2022. The public consultation gives people the opportunity to provide feedback on the draft recommendations and become involved in the development process by submitting their views to us.

As these recommendations will apply to a wide range of health and social care services, as well as to ICT enablement domain, we welcome feedback from all those with an interest in this area, including people using these services, their families, health and social care professionals, advocates, policy-makers and others.

We will carefully assess all feedback received and use it, along with other available evidence, to develop the final recommendations which will then be submitted to the Minister for Health.

The fastest way is to complete the online questionnaire.

Your comments can also be submitted by downloading and completing the PDF consultation feedback form below and then emailing your completed form to us at: technicalstandards@hiqa.ie.

Alternatively, you can complete and post the completed form to us at:

Health Information and Quality Authority,
Health Information Quality Team,
Unit 1301,
City Gate,
T12 Y2XT

The deadline for receipt of submissions is 5pm on Friday, 29 April 2022.

At the end of this public consultation, your comments will be collated and will inform the development of the final recommendations. HIQA will also be running focus groups with health and social care professionals and representatives of patients and service users to further inform the development of the final recommendations. Once approved by HIQA’s Board, the final recommendations will be submitted to the Minister for Health and will also be published on our website.

The consultation feedback form is available online or in PDF format below.

HIQA published a Best Practice Review in 2021 which summarises international evidence in relation to ICT enablement of older persons’ services in eight countries.

A 2022 As Is Analysis of the current landscape in Ireland looks at the broader national context for ICT enablement of services for older people, as well as for other populations.

These documents informed development of the draft recommendation.