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Code of Governance

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The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) is committed to high standards of corporate governance. This is particularly important given the need for HIQA to embody the standards that it sets for others.

In line with the Health Act 2007 (the Act), HIQA must develop a code of governance and review it periodically. The Act requires that the following items are outlined in the Code:

  • guiding principles, applicable to HIQA as a public body
  • the structure of HIQA, including roles and responsibilities of its Board, the CEO and the Chief Inspector
  • processes and guidelines to be followed to ensure compliance with reporting requirements
  • HIQA’s internal controls, including procedures for internal audit, risk management, public procurement and financial reporting.

HIQA’s Code of Governance forms part of HIQA’s overall Governance and Assurance Framework.1 It reflects the legislation under which it must function, government guidelines and organisational arrangements and practices for directing and controlling the business of HIQA.