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Assessment Framework for Child Protection and Welfare (CPW)

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HIQA has adopted a common ‘Authority Monitoring Approach’ (AMA) in order to carry out its functions as required by the Health Act 2007.

All HIQA staff involved in the regulation and or the monitoring of services against regulations and standards adhere to this approach and to any associated procedures and protocols. HIQA’s monitoring approach does not replace the professional judgment of its staff. Instead, it provides staff with a range of procedures, protocols and tools to assist them in carrying out their functions. This assessment-judgment framework for child protection and welfare is one of these tools and should be used in conjunction with the Child Protection and Welfare guidance.

Applying AMA and using this guidance framework will ensure that each provider is treated fairly and the assessment of compliance is timely, consistent and responsive to risk identified within the centre or service. It also provides transparency to providers and the public on how HIQA assesses and makes judgments of compliance and non-compliance.