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Making a Submission on a Stage-2 Inspection Report to the Chief Inspector of Social Services

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This standard operating procedure (procedure) outlines the process for a registered provider of a designated centre (the “provider”) to make a formal submission to the Office of the Chief Inspector of Social Services (the “Chief Inspector”) on a regulatory judgment in a stage-2 inspection report.

Procedure applies to stage-2 inspection reports which contain regulatory judgments of non-compliance (either substantially compliant or not compliant).

The following areas are outside the scope of this Procedure:

  1. Matters which do not relate to regulatory judgments in the stage-2 inspection report;
  2. Matters dealt with under other processes; and
  3. Submissions made where the feedback or submission process has not been followed. A non-exhaustive list of examples, which are out of the scope of this Procedure, are set out in Appendix 1 of the Procedure.