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Making a Submission on a Stage-2 Inspection Report to the Chief Inspector of Social Services

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This standard operating procedure (procedure) outlines the process for a registered provider of a designated centre (the “provider”) to make a formal submission to the Office of the Chief Inspector of Social Services (the “Chief Inspector”) on a regulatory judgment in a stage-2 inspection report.


This procedure only applies to stage-2 inspection reports which contain regulatory judgments following inspections of designated centres for older people, children and adults with disabilities and designated special care units.

The following areas are outside the scope of a submission and will not be considered:

  • any matter which is the subject of an independent inquiry or legal proceedings
  • any commentary on section 2 or Parts 7 and 8 of the Health Act 2007 (as amended)
  • any submission made without completing the compliance plan and or feedback form as referred to in section 3.1 of this procedure
  • any commentary not related to the regulatory judgments contained within the stage-2 inspection report
  • stage-3 inspection report and published reports.
  • any written representations made by a provider to a notice of proposed decision of the Chief Inspector under the Health Act 2007 (as amended)
  • any submission from a provider’s representative body on an issue of general concern
  • any matter relating to a third party who believes they are adversely mentioned in an inspection report, for example, a visiting health professional
  • any matter relating to the conduct of inspectors of social services (inspectors)
  • any matter previously dealt with under the HIQA’s Complaints Policy
  • any matter considered to be vexatious in nature.