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National Public Engagement Survey on Health Information

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Every time you visit your GP or go to a hospital for treatment, important health information about your health and care needs is recorded. Your health information is used by healthcare professionals who provide care to you and also for other purposes, such as planning healthcare services and improving the quality of these services.

HIQA, in partnership with the Department of Health and the HSE, is conducting a number of Public Engagement activities to gather the views of people living in Ireland on the collection, use and sharing of health information. The public engagement activities include a National Public Engagement Survey on Health Information, interviews with health and social care professionals, meetings with key stakeholders and focus groups with the public, patients and special interest groups.

The National Public Engagement Survey on Health Information gives the public a platform to voice their opinions on this topic and have a meaningful impact on how their health information will be collected, used and shared. The results of this survey will be used:

  • by HIQA to inform the development of recommendations on a consent model for the collection, use and sharing of health information in Ireland,
  • by the Department of Health and the HSE to inform future developments in relation to national health information strategy and policy.

About the survey

This survey is about you and your health information. We want to understand what you expect in terms of how your health information is collected, used and shared by health and social care services in Ireland and your opinion on the use of digital technologies in this area. We want to understand any concerns you might have about where your information is held, who can see it and what it is used for.


This survey will enable the public to voice their opinion on this topic and in doing so provide a rich source of information that will allow the partner organisations (Department of Health, HSE and HIQA) to work towards improving how health information is collected, used and shared in Ireland.

Who will be invited?

This is a telephone survey and will be completed by 1,200 people living in Ireland aged 18 and over. To ensure that we include people who broadly represent the wider population, the statistical technique of selecting a random sample of the population has been chosen. Therefore the study is not open to volunteers.

Survey participants can find more information in the Participant Information Leaflet.

Information governance

HIQA has conducted a Data Protection Impact Assessment on the data processing activities involved in the Public Engagement Survey. You can find out more information about the DPIA in the DPIA summary below. Identifiable information (your name and phone number) is deleted four weeks after the survey takes place. Aggregate non-identifiable information is retained in line with the document retention and destruction schedule for the survey.

Complaints, queries and further information

If you have a complaint or a query or if you would like further information relating to this survey please email

Data Access Requests

For information about how to make a data access request, please see our data protection page.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Data Protection Impact Assessment Summary

  • Participant Information Leaflet

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