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HTA of Robot-Assisted Surgery

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The Authority undertook a Health Technology Assessment (HTA) assessment of robot-assisted surgery for a range of clinical indications following a request from the Health Services Executive (HSE). The report was submitted as advice to the Health Services Executive and the Minister for their consideration.

To assess the benefits to patients and the costs of introducing this technology for selected surgical procedures.

Robot-assisted surgery involves the use of an advanced surgical tool to perform minimally invasive surgery for certain procedures. The device includes up to four robotic arms equipped with surgical instruments, which are controlled by the surgeon from an operating console a short distance from the patient. It is claimed that this system could result in better outcomes or reduced complications for patients undergoing these procedures. The technique has been used in a wide range of surgical procedures to date, including diseases in urology, gynaecology, cardiology and diseases of the head and neck.

The Health Technology Assessment of robot-assisted surgery examined the evidence of the effectiveness, safety, costs and budget impact of robot-assisted surgery for selected surgical procedures.