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HTA of Antenatal HIV Screening

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The Authority undertook this Health Technology Assessment in response to a request by the Health Services Executive (HSE). The assessment was completed in April 2012 and was submitted as advice to the HSE.


The purpose of the evaluation was to inform a recommendation as to whether a change in the existing Irish Guidelines for Management of HIV-1 in Pregnancy was warranted.This study also had a secondary aim of examining the utility of a mini-HTA pro forma as a decision-support tool.


Published national guidelines for the management of HIV-1 in pregnancy have been available in Ireland since 2001. The guidelines include specific recommendations relating to antenatal screening for HIV, for which a national voluntary programme has been available since 1999. Antenatal diagnosis of HIV allows for effective interventions to be implemented, dramatically reducing the risk of HIV transmission from mother-to-child during pregnancy, delivery and in the postnatal period.


This economic evaluation examined the additional costs and health benefits associated with the introduction of repeat universal antenatal screening for HIV in the third trimester, together with the budget impact of such a policy.