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Analysis of public consultation surveys to inform the work of the Public Health Reform Expert Advisory Group view
Rapid health technology assessment of the extension of the seasonal influenza vaccination programme to include those aged 50 to 64 years (general population) view
Protocol for review of national public health strategies in selected countries view
Interventions to improve Long COVID symptoms: A systematic review view
Protocol for the health technology assessment of the addition of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) to the National Newborn Bloodspot Screening Programme view
HTA of the expansion of the childhood immunisation schedule to include varicella (chickenpox) vaccination view
HTA and Evidence Synthesis Bulletin April - June 2023 view
A slot-scanning, biplanar, digital X-ray imaging system for the evaluation and monitoring of orthopaedic conditions view
HTA of Domiciliary Invasive Ventilation for Adults with Spinal Cord Injuries view
International review of the epidemiology of long COVID view
Lu oxodotreotide for the treatment of metastatic or inoperable gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumours (GEP-NETs) view
HTA and Evidence Synthesis Bulletin January - March 2023 view