Who we are

Board of the Authority

The Board of the Authority was established on 15 May 2007. It is comprised of a Chairperson and non-executive directors. The directors cover a diverse range of experiences that include representation from health and social care professionals, lay members and industry.

The Board is the governing body of the Authority and is therefore responsible for the appropriate governance of the Authority and for ensuring that there are effective systems of internal control, statutory and operational compliance and risk management.

Committees of the Board

There are four sub-committees of the Board. These are as follows:

  • Health and Social Care Governance Committee which oversees the effectiveness, governance and controls around the delivery of the Authority’s health and social care functions.
  • Audit and Corporate Governance Committee monitors the Authority’s compliance with its statutory functions and the effectiveness of the corporate governance, financial management, procurement, risk management and internal audit arrangements.
  • Information, Technology and Research Committee advises the Board on key aspects of the information and health technology functions and the governance arrangements around its research projects.
  • Remunerations and Nominations Committee monitors the organisational needs and managerial development of the Authority.

Organisational Structure and Executive Management Team

The Authority has organised itself to reflect its main functions. Consequently, there are seven Directorates, which are led and managed by an Executive Management Team.

The Authority currently has offices in Cork (headquarters) and Dublin.