Alcohol Hand Rub Consumption Surveillance

Data Collection Type
National data collections of health and social care in Ireland

HSE, Health Protection Surveillance Centre

Year established


Statement of purpose

To provide the best possible information for the control and prevention of infectious diseases, by providing timely information and independent advice, and by carrying out disease surveillance, epidemiological investigation and related research and training.


Thirty-one acute publicly-funded hospitals contributed to the data in quarter two of 2016.


Surveillance of consumption of alcohol-based hand washing gels in acute hospitals. Data from entire facility in litres per each quarter supplied to HPSC. Results as rates published quarterly.

Data content

Completed MS Excel sheet of products used, quantity and any additional information.

Data providers

All acute hospitals, infection prevention and control staff, pharmacists, stores managers.

Data collection methodology

Infection prevention and control staff, pharmacists or stores managers provide data on a quarterly basis, of the total amount of alcohol hand rub used in litres. HPSC provide rates in litres per 1,000 bed-days used.

Data dictionary

Not available.

Clinical coding scheme


Size of national collection


Publication frequency

Bi-annual and annual reports published and available on HPSC website,

Accessing data

Data requests can be submitted via and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Open data portal access


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Other comments

Data can represent amount dispensed (pharmacy data) or amount purchased (stores data).