Ambulatory Care Report (ACR)

Data Collection Type
National data collections of health and social care in Ireland

Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC).

Year established


Statement of purpose

To collect Event data on the patient who primarily requires first-aid and capture of data if additional care is required. This will:
1) facilitate strategic planning primarily for voluntary and auxiliary organisations.
2) provide a link in the continuum of patient care across all voluntary and auxiliary organisations in the event of patient handover to another licensed CPG provider.
3) provide a platform for clinical audit.
4) inform research into new skill, services/equipment.

Coverage (geographical and temporal)

National coverage at all Events which have medical cover provided by responders/practitioners, on contract or volunteering on behalf of a licensed CPG provider.


The ACR is the principal source for patient data captured at events.

Data users

Responders, practitioners, research.

Data content

The ACR collects patient demographic data, detailed patient assessment clinical data, medical interventions, medications administered, destination handover data, practitioner and administrative data.

Data dictionary

Not available.

Information Standard details ACR data set.

National-level identifier variables

PPSN and IHI are not included. There is a Unique Identifier on each form.

Equity stratifiers

Patient address is included.

Data collection methodology

Event data is collected on the ACR real time for every patient contact.
Patient information is entered on the 2 part report in circumstances listed:
All circumstances where a patient is treated.
All circumstances where a patient refuses treatment contrary to advice given by the responder/practitioner.
In the event of the patient being transported to an ED/destination facility an ACR copy is included at handover and stored with the patient record/chart.
The remaining copy remains with the licensed CPG provider organisation for storage.
eACR used by CPG Providers.

Clinical coding scheme

Not in use.

Size of national collection

Information not available to PHECC as patient records processed and controlled by the licensed CPG provider.

Publication frequency

Currently no annual report published for ACR data collected.
The individual auxiliary and voluntary CPG approved licensed providers may publish their own annual activity reports.

Accessing data

Access to data through the individual licensed CPG provider who utilises the ACR.

Open data portal access


Email contact
Telephone contact
Other comments

Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) is responsible for the development of the standard by which the data is collected. In addition PHECC develop the ACR which is primarily utilised by responders / practitioners on contract or volunteering on behalf of auxiliary and voluntary organisation at venues where Events are taking place nationally. All PHECC information standards and related patient report forms are reviewed at least every three years to facilitate capture of care delivered in the pre-hospital environment by practitioners and compliance with national data collection standards.