Blood Donor Database

Data Collection Type
National data collections of health and social care in Ireland

Irish Blood Transfusion Service.

Year established

1965 — Data collection commenced by Blood Transfusion Service Board.
1975 — Cork Blood Transfusion Service included.
1991 — Limerick Blood Transfusion Service included.
2000 — Name changed to the Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS).

Statement of purpose

To maintain a computerised donor database on individuals who donate blood.

Coverage (geographical and temporal)

National — all who attend a blood donation clinic are required to register with the IBTS.

Data collection commenced in 1965 and is ongoing.


The IBTS maintains a computerised donor database on individuals who donate blood. This database (called Progesa) is used by the IBTS to communicate with donors, record their donation and test result details. This information is used for analysis of the blood donor population. The IBTS also publishes information on the current blood supply available for donation in Ireland.

Data users


Data content

Information includes donor details (gender, name, address, date of birth and telephone number), donation details and test result details.

Data dictionary

Not available.

National-level identifier variables


Equity stratifiers

Place of residence & Gender.

Data collection methodology

All donors are required to register with the IBTS, when they present at a donation clinic, and fill out a health and lifestyle questionnaire.

On-going data collection.

Clinical coding scheme


Size of national collection

Average of 15,688 from 2016 to 2020.

Publication frequency

Annual reports.

Accessing data

Annual reports. Blood supply levels are available on the IBTS website.

Open data portal access


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