Heart Rhythm Ireland (Irish National Pacemaker Register)

Data Collection Type
National data collections of health and social care in Ireland

G-Pace Ltd

Year established


Statement of purpose

To provide a registry for implanted cardiac devices in Ireland.

Coverage (geographical and temporal)

Thirty-eight hospitals, approximately 30,000 patients.


A web-based database which collects information regarding pacemakers and Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICD). The initial goal for setting up the database was to produce accurate statistics for Irish implant rates for the first time.

Data content

Patient demographics, physicians’ report of implant procedure, device details — e.g. model number, serial number, and technicians’ follow-up report.

Data users

Hospitals which manage and treat patients with pacemaker and ICD implants and follow-ups.

Data collection methodology

Data is collected electronically at the point of care and entered by clinical staff in the participating hospitals.

Data dictionary

Not available

Clinical coding scheme

Not in use

Size of national collection

Approximately 4,000 records created on average annually.

Publication frequency

Data not currently published. Data entered on a daily basis, as devices are implanted.

Accessing data

Each hospital has full access to data regarding their own patients. They also have access to data of those patients who have consented to be available nationally. Anonymous statistical information is supplied to device manufacturers on a quarterly basis. Data not publicly available currently.

Open data portal access


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