Draft Quality Service Charter and Action Plan

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  • Draft Quality Service Charter

  • Draft Quality Service Action Plan 2022-24


HIQA is developing a new draft Quality Service Charter for the purpose of providing information to people engaging with HIQA’s services on the level of service they can expect from HIQA. Aligned to the Quality Service Charter, we are also developing an action plan which sets out a range commitments aligned to the Principles of Quality Customer Service for Customers and Clients of the Public service. When finalised, the action plan will include specific and measurable actions to give effect to the commitments which are aimed at developing and improving aspects of our interactions with those who engage with us for whatever purpose.

We would like your feedback on this draft Quality Service Charter and the proposed commitments HIQA is making towards meeting the 12 Quality Principles of Quality Customer Service.

We want to hear your views on our draft Quality Service Charter and action plan commitments. This is to enable us to reflect your feedback and make it as relevant as it can be to our stakeholders within the boundaries of our legislative remit.

Complete our online survey here to tell us your views about the draft Quality Service Charter by 5pm Monday, 3 October.

We will review all feedback received from this consultation and reflect it, where appropriate, in the final Quality Service Charter and action plan. When finalised, we will publish the Quality Service Charter and action plan, and will report on the delivery of our commitments and targets on an annual basis.