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HIQA is developing guidance to support a rights-based approach to care in health and social care services. The guidance will support health and social care professionals working in adult services in Ireland to deliver services that respect human rights by providing information about human rights that relate to health and social care.

What is a rights-based approach to care?

A human rights-based approach is about empowering people using health and social care services to know and claim their rights and to increase the ability and accountability of service providers to respect, protect and fulfil the rights of people using services

What is this consultation about?

When we start developing guidance, we consult with people who have experience of that service, asking what areas the guidance should address and examples of best practice. This is called a scoping consultation.

The scoping consultation is to give people an opportunity to identify the key areas that this guidance should address and to provide examples of good practice. As this guidance will apply to all health and social care settings, we welcome feedback from people using services, staff, advocates, and family members with experience in any adult health or social care setting in Ireland.

How will we use your comments?

We will carefully assess all feedback received and use it, along with other available evidence, to develop the guidance.

Next steps

At the end of this scoping consultation, your comments will be collated and used to help inform the development of the guidance document. In the coming months, we will conduct a public consultation on the draft guidance, which will be available for comment for a period of four weeks on our website.

Further information

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