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Guidance on the Statement of Purpose for designated centres for children and adults with disabilities (DCD)

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This updated guidance and supporting template is intended to assist registered providers in devising or updating their service’s Statement of Purpose. It provides information on what is required to be referenced in the completed Statement of Purpose template and should be used in conjunction with the relevant regulations and standards.

The Statement of Purpose is required in order to register or renew the registration of a designated centre. The regulations under the Health Act 2007 (as amended) that require providers to compile a written Statement of Purpose for designated centres and submit as part of the registration process.

What is a Statement of Purpose?


The Chief Inspector views the Statement of Purpose as one of the most important documents that a registered provider is required to have in relation to the range of service(s) they are running. The Statement of Purpose describes the purpose and function of a designated centre.

  • Statement of Purpose Template (DCD)