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Making a Submission on a Stage-2 Inspection Report to the Director of Regulation

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This standard operating procedure (procedure) outlines the process for a service provider (the “provider”) to make a formal submission to the Director of Regulation on a regulatory judgment in a stage-2 inspection report.

This procedure only applies to stage-2 inspection reports which contain regulatory judgments following inspection of children and healthcare services.1
The following areas are outside the scope of a submission and will not be considered:

  • any matter which is the subject of an independent inquiry or legal proceedings
  • any commentary on Parts 2 or 8 of the Health Act 2007 (as amended)
  • any submission made without completing the compliance plan or action plan and or feedback form as referred to in section 3.1 of this procedure
  • any commentary not related to the regulatory judgments contained within the stage-2 inspection report
  • stage-3 inspection report and published reports
  • any submission from a provider’s representative body on an issue of general concern
  • any matter relating to a third party who believes they are adversely mentioned in an inspection report, for example, a visiting health professional
  • any matter relating to the conduct of inspectors or authorised person (inspectors)
  • any matter previously dealt with under the HIQA’s complaints policy
  • any matter considered to be vexatious in nature.