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Guidance on a data quality framework

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Accurate, relevant and timely data is essential in order to deliver services and improve health and social care. It can be used to inform decision-making, monitor diseases, organise services, support policy making, conduct quality research and plan for future health and social care needs, both at local and national level.

HIQA has developed two digital learning modules to explain the importance of data quality, and assist organisations to implement HIQA’s Guidance on a data quality framework, see the modules below:

Digital Learning Module - Introduction to data quality

This module is aimed at all health and social care professionals, and introduces the concept of data and information quality.

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Digital Learning Module - Developing a data quality framework within health and social care

This module details the steps that organisations can take to support them in assessing and improving the quality of their data and information.

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The importance of data quality in health and social care