Rachel Flynn
Rachel Flynn — Director of Health Information and Standards

Rachel was appointment as Director of Health Information in September 2015. She joined the Authority in November 2007 and has held various positions such as the Health Information Manager in Quality and the Head of Healthcare Assurance Programmes in Healthcare Regulation.

She and her team are responsible for setting standards for all aspects of health information, monitoring compliance with those standards, evaluating the quality of the information available and making recommendations to improve the quality and filling in gaps where information is needed but is not currently available.

She and her team are also responsible for setting Standards and developing guidance for Health and Social Services.  This involves developing person centred standards, based on evidence and best international practice, for health and social care services in Ireland.

She is also responsible for overseeing the implementation of the National Patient Experience Survey.  The National Patient Experience Survey is a new nationwide survey asking people for feedback about their recent stay in hospital.

Previously she worked in the Health Research Board (HRB) as Health Information Manager and worked in the Royal College of Surgeons as Research Officer on European cardiovascular health information systems. Rachel holds a BSc, Higher Diploma in Computer Science and an MSc in Research from Trinity College Dublin.

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