Under the European Union (Basic Safety Standards for Protection Against Dangers Arising from Medical Exposure to Ionising Radiation) Regulations 2018 and 2019, undertakings have responsibility to submit statutory notifications to HIQA.

You will be able to submit these notifications to HIQA using our online portal system, once you have declared to us as an undertaking. Please complete the NF200 to make this declaration and submit the completed form to registration@hiqa.ie. This form is available by clicking on the link below.

To notify us of any subsequent changes to your declaration, please use the online portal. Alternatively, you can click on “Change in undertaking details” to access the relevant forms in PDF format.

To submit notifications of accidental or unintended medical exposures to ionising radiation (NF211) form, please use the online portal. Alternatively, these forms are available by clicking the “Significant Event NF211” link.

  • NF200

    Declaration of undertaking
    This form should be used by a provider to declare to HIQA as an undertaking for medical exposure to ionising radiation.

    Timeframe Submit 1 month prior to commencing practice.
    NF200-Declaration-of-Undertaking.pdf323.45 KB

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About the HIQA self assessment questionnaire (SAQ)  for dental services providing medical exposure to ionising radiation and diagnostic reference level survey for fluoroscopy and interventional radiology and cardiology services.