HIQA's Chief Inspector of Social Services is responsible for the registration of special care units.

Registration is for a period of three years, and the registered provider must apply to renew their registration at least six months in advance of the expiry date of their current registration period. Registered providers are only allowed to operate a designated centre if they are registered by the Chief Inspector.

Registration handbook


Our Registration handbook provides a complete overview of all aspects of registration in a single convenient document.

Registration of a designated centre

If you plan to open a new designated centre, please refer to our Registration handbook above for further instructions about applying. A registration application pack can be downloaded from the folder below.

Renewal of registration of a designated centre

Registered providers who wish to renew their registration of a designated centre must apply at least six months before the expiry date of their current registration.

Application to vary or remove a condition of registration


A registered provider carrying on the business of a designated centre may apply to the Chief Inspector for the variation or removal of any condition applied to the registration of the designated centre.

  • Application to Vary or Remove a Condition